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How to line a tube pan with wax paper. Calligraphy paper free download

by Pilchard
19 July 2018
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sandbag on the flame (B). Place the 2 balls into the grid to activate the mini-game. Turn the reel (U) to pull them up, then take the scissors (V). Select the wagon for a HOS. Place the lace on the umbrella for the umbrella with lace (Q). 8, provide a proper food bowl. Walk forward twice to the workshop. Take the paper knife (S). Pour the milk in the coffee for coffee with milk (B).

Then flip it open P, pour the kettle into the cup for the tea. Look phd at the window and use the latch on the lock. Walk forward to the twins home. Use the magnet on the vase to get the soldier. Use the corkscrew to take the cork. Select the lights to from a continuous chain that includes all the lights. Turn the handle to open the door. Your inventory is in the bottom panel select an item to choose it for use. Then flip the switch so the light is green. Hidden Object Scenes will be referred to as HOS in this walkthrough.

Use the register handle on towels the register to find the bank notes D 4, you can send fluid to the right or left using the switches below each tube. Look at the box and use the monkey on the hole for the crank. You will earn the fishing ROD. Then you can pull the lever down. Look at the picnic table, look at the pedestal lux and pour the bottle with WAX into the forms. Zoom in and use the laser pointer on the wax chains. Use the palette knife on the wax log to make the wax hand. Place the lampshade on the lamp for the stand lamp. Take the garden shears and read the judges notes. Place the TOY horse on the carousel M then take the 77 blue tile.

Found error in published paper

Use the pick on the ore to find the diamond (H).You can press on the tiles with screws.Take the elevator down and enter the newspaper office.