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Custom paper size grayed out

by Иона
20 July 2018
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Im HP's Virtual Agent. What is the right way to add custom page sizes to an existing PC3? The PC3 file you're editing was created from a Windows system printer driver (not a Heidi HDI driver). Next to 'Format For select your 700DCP printer. Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. Define the size of the output (You do have the option to save this as a preset in the printer properies) - If you happen to forget the dimensions of your file, you have to exit out of the printing section completely to lookup the. Windows printer drivers cannot be modified directly from the AutoCAD Plot Configuration Editor. In our previous version of Illustrator (I believe it may have been CS4 we would simply choose "custom" when printing and Illustrator would pull the dimensions from the setup of the file. Causes: The printer driver is not up to date. Solution: Update the printer driver. And to have to manually define the print area when the program used to do this automatically seems odd and a step backwards.

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This will be greyed out for Windows System drivers, it is available only for non-system HDI drivers.Many Windows system drivers have provisions for creating custom paper sizes in their, custom, properties dialogs (available in the PC3 Editor).

Custom paper size grayed out. White paper font and spacing

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Open the, device and Printers in the Windows Control Panel, right-click on the plotter and select.It is a system printer working off of a server and another PC3 is an adobe pdf converter.