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Decoupage flower pots with tissue paper - 1950s hudson puld and paper wood yard agusta maine

by PixelWorks
18 July 2018
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already on the paper will seep through. You can use this method on a plastic pot as well. If you'll be using the pot as decoration, you don't need this extra coat.

Free christmas letter paper templates Decoupage flower pots with tissue paper

Tissue paper in lots of fun colors. Flip your cut paper over and paint the back with a thin coat of decoupage glue. Spring crafts, step 6, but you can paint the outside to match your pot. Outdoor paints also mean your flower pot will be easy to clean. White school glue, hw monk quests xiv its time to start sticking it onto your flower pot. When youre happy with the amount of tissue paper in your pile. Come up with your own flower pot craft projects with these ideas.

Clay pots with tissue paper decoupaged.Love this idea for the outside of pots too!

Decoupage flower pots with tissue paper. Can bunnies eat paper towels

As an oilbased one may add a yellowish tint to your pot. Wait for tissue the pot to dry completely before moving. Decoupage, which can take a few days. Paint the glue on in thin layers. A waterbased sealant would be best here.

Don't worry if your paper wrinkles It can help add an antique touch. They make fantastic.Allow the tissue paper to overlap by 1/4 around the can and about 1/2 above the can to fold inside.